A Slice Of Ariegeoise Pie – La Chillzone Edition

The English created a style, a fashion. One could say that it’s born from a fierce will to ride home-spots with friends, whatever the weather or state of the trails. But always for fun and always with serious skills.

This is undoubtedly the essence of MTB and we designed the ideal bike for it, the CLASH!

Here, we present Volume 2 of our French Ariège version with guest appearances from the ChillZone crew…

ChillZone, definition: (ʧɪlzəʊn) A group of sporting individuals, practicing mountain biking and sharing the same vision of everyday life; chill en masse with a joie de vivre!

On October 12th 2018, the day of The Creation, Thomas Estaque (one of the founding fathers of the movement) said, “I would like to have a depression one day, to see what it does!!

The active members of this movement are named as:

– Amaury Pierron
– Thomas Estaque
– Hugo Frixtalon
– Paul Couderc
– Pierrick Lannes
– Leon Perrin

Doctrine: I’m dying!


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