Andreu Lacondeguy rides vertical freeride lines in Peru


“It’s been a few years since we planned a trip to South America. I wanted to take my bike to a different place, get out of the routine and explore, since I think that’s the definition of our sport.

The red dirt was perfect, I was riding lines that gave me a feeling I had never felt on a bike before. The length of the lines made me feel like I was skiing or snowboarding. That’s something I’ve been looking to do for many years, and I was finally able to do it here by making long turns on a steep virgin slope.

This trip to Peru was the best experience of my life, not only for riding which was without a doubt the best thing I’ve ever done, but also because I got to know a wonderful country full of amazing people! From my point of view, this is what we need in mountain biking, more exploring, more big mountains, more freeriding!” – Andreu Lacondeguy

Rider: Andreu Lacondeguy
Directed by: Hector Cash
Film/Edit: Hector Cash
Drone FPV: RaΓΌl Martinez Danot
Colors : Ivan Narozhny

Thanks for the help : Peruvian Mountain Rides & Luis Lancondeguy


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