Brendan Fairclough rides local MTB trails with Steve Peat

As a continuation of last weeks events we decided it was time to take on the local downhill trails, which when I was younger remember flying down following Steve Peat as he’d just sponsor me. We didn’t have our downhill bikes with us sadly but instead we decided to E-Bike it up!! The Scott E-Ride Ransom Enduro bike was made for this, with 180mm travel up front at 170mm in the rear it lapped up these steep trails and got me back to the top with ease (biking wasn’t like this back when I was young).

Whilst up here Peaty and I have some business to attend to with Peaty’s Products and some future collaborations but for now I can just say I’m the newest member of a sick select crew.

I actually hate cleaning my bikes I can never seem to find time for it but Having the right kit for when I do is amazing. Cheers Steve. Such a sick time up north, we will be back up there again in a flash doing it over and over again as it was just too much fun. – CREDIT: Brendan Fairclough

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