Brendan Fairclough rides the World’s Biggest MTB Jumps!

Having the opportunity to ride the biggest mtb jumps in the world is not something you get the chance to do every day so I had to jump at it. @samreynolds #darkfest is by far the most progressive MTB event in the world right now, obviously with the exception of RedBull Rampage.

So we heading out to South Africa and got in to the action. As soon as we arrived I new it was going to be a waiting game. The wind was so strong and gusty there was no way we could ride. Hanging out is not my strong point so it was tough sitting around watching the wind blow while the best jumps in the world sit waiting for us.

We eventually got to do some laps. No where near what I wanted to do but a few full laps non the least. Still amazing ridding these monsters. Huge thanks to Sam and the crew for putting on just a banger of a an event.

CREDIT: Brendan Fairclough

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