Brendan Howey’s unreal Speed & Style – INBOUND

INBOUND shows us Brendan Howey’s flawless driving style through Ruper Walker’s attention to detail.

I’m always excited to work with Brendan Howey. Besides being a great friend, I think he has, more than any other rider, one of the bike’s best controls and natural style. This project is called ‘Inbound’, for no real reason. , apart from the fact that it looks like he is moving towards a final destination. The inspiration for this video is related to music. The first song, by Nina Simone, is a timeless classic with a piano melody that is instantly recognizable , the video then moves on to Talib Kweli’s second song, which picks up the original piano melody of the previous song. It is rare to have the opportunity to use music like this, I really appreciate that Commencal has given us the freedom to follow our own personal direction. creative“. – Ruper Walker

Filming with Rupert, my only role is to trust his vision and ride. He has a project for each sequence and it is motivating to ride for each take. I am very excited about the result of this work and I am looking forward to it. everyone sees it. ” – Brendan Howey

Rider: Brendan Howey
Directed by:
Rupert Walker
Rupert Walker
Derek Tsui


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