Changing Seasons feat. Mark Matthews

Mark Matthews has the eye of an artist when he builds his trails. He finds a picturesque landscape, identifies a line that complements his riding style, and spends hours in the forest, turning his vision into a creative masterpiece that translates beautifully to the screen. His newest line and the surrounding trail network provided the perfect setting to showcase speed and style against the backdrop of a lush Pacific Northwest forest. Complemented by the raw sounds of Mark’s bike on the trail we hope you enjoy β€˜Changing Seasons.’@Scott Bell

Supported by: @Marin Bikes
Scott Bell and @Mark Matthews
Cinematography and Post Production:
Scott Bell
Jarrett Lindal
Trail Building:
Mark Matthews, Dougal Browne, Trev Or, and Paul Young
Special Thanks:
Ryan de Milliano and Kurt Beaton

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