“IN REACH” with Nico Vink, KJ, Needles, Vinny T, Antoine Buffart & Alex Volokhov

Shot on location at Châtel, Retallack and Nelson with a crew consisting of Nico Vink, Vinny T, Andrew Neethling, Kyle Jameson, Antoine Buffart and Alex Volokhov.

“In Reach”, a full feature by Shaperideshoot aims to get riders stoked to just go out and ride. The greatest joys stem from overcoming challenges and spending time with friends and family. All this is offered with mountain biking. Happiness is within reach.

Supported by: Chatel Bikepark: https://en.chatel.com/bike-park-open…. Reverse Components: https://reverse-components.com/en
Loose Riders
Syncros: https://www.syncros.com


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