Kurt Sorge & Friends ride BIG Freeride Lines

Kurt Sorge and friends head to the Caribou to ride lines down to the river.

Ever since my first trip to this area I have wanted to spend more time here. This Spring it worked out to come camp for a few nights accompanied by some friends that are locals to the area and they gave us the royal treatment. Conditions were right and we spent the next 3 days out there exploring what the canyon had to offer. It was a Chute Show and I wouldn’t had it any other way!” – Kurt Sorge

Produced by: Mitch Cheek @ Solos Productions Kurt Sorge

 Drone Pilot/filming: Gabriel Kocher

 Director of Photography: Mitch Cheek

 Additional Filming: Scott Horley

 Editor: Jeremy Grant

 Audio: Keith White Audio

 Colour: Bryan Ralph

 Visual Effects: Supernice

 Digital Compositor: Andrew Lamb

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