LOOSE RIDERS 2021 Team Introduction

The Loose Riders team has entered the stadion, ready to get loose in 2021.

Extremely proud to have all these awesome human beings representing us worldwide! Nico Vink, Antoine Buffart, Luca Cometti, Damon Iwanaga, Reece Potter, Emma Olofsson, Max Kruse, Alexis D’heer, Katharina Klos, Julian Clauss, Chelsea Kimball, Kévin Meyer, Vilibald Vítek, Mark Partain, Anthony Lombardi, Mateo Verdier, Tim Bringer, Kristof Lenssens, Jakob Hartman, Honza Faistaver, Honza Spika, Adam Semerak, Jasper Huybrechts, Vince Moonen, Jelle Harnisfeger, Zac West, Bella Chen, Edgar Briole, Rory Meek and Dominic Gauler aka Dangerous Dom.

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Loose Riders is Rider Owned/ Rider operated.
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CREDIT: Loose Riders TV

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