Team InFocus say Goodbye!

Unbelievable! This is what we’ve just read in the Team Infocus instagram account:

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Over and out! All good things come to an end and so does this awesome crew! We shared an insane amount of laughter, experiences, hours in the car and in the air, parties, crashes and so much more in the past 8 years. No internal reasons like fights or anything stupid lead us to this decision. We just all came to a point where we had to make decisions and take certain routes and concentrate on our professions. We will all continue to be damn good friends and to ride bikes together! We definitely want to thank our amazing sponsors that helped us producing all these videos and experience all these amazing countries. Huge shout out to to @bikeonscott , @officialleatt , @schwalbetires and @chromagbikes who have been by our side since the beginning. You guys rock! Another huge shout out goes to @tobycowley and @jmvotography who both invested a lot of passion and time in our projects. You guys are the best ❤️❤️. We will all continue riding bikes and have a lot of fun on the trails! If you just want to stay up to date here are some channels of us to stay connected: Michi Tillmann: @michitillmann Andi Tillmann: @anditillmann Flo Berghammer: @floberghammer Felix Heine: @felix__heine Moment Pictures: @momentpictures A huge thanks to everyone that helped us along the road that I forgot here. And the biggest thanks to all of out there that watched our videos and made this possible. Much love ❤️

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